Dementia Care

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Dementia Care

At Abbeyfield we aim to make a difference for our residents by providing facilities and activities that are designed specifically for those living with dementia.

Our dementia-friendly facilities include:

  • Themed areas throughout the building that have been developed to prompt memories, trigger conversations, and assist navigation/orientation around the home.
  • Large, bright, and dementia-friendly signage.
  • Lighting designed to reduce shadowing.
  • Uniform flooring throughout the building.
  • Memory boxes at each bedroom door that can be filled with photos or personal items that are familiar to the resident.
  • Open plan lounge/dining area/garden room, allowing residents to interact and wander at will.
  • Quiet lounge and cosy seated areas.
  • Sensory garden, raised flower beds, and greenhouse.
  • Circadian lighting at Ingleside House: Many people living with dementia experience sleep disturbance, irritability, anxiety and wandering, and it has been found that the use of circadian lighting can have a positive impact in these areas.
  • Non uniform for staff.

Activities can be for the individual or a group. Examples include seated exercise, hand massage, interactive table, pet visits, reminiscence groups, musical entertainers, craft activities.

We also provide items designed specifically for those living with dementia, such as dolls and interactive cats and dogs, to give pleasure to residents. Stroking a cat or dog can be soothing and so help reduce anxiety, and ‘caring’ for them can bring a renewed sense of purpose.

To see more of our activities, please view our Facebook page.

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